EIAA Epsilon Iota Alumni Association

EIAA Events

Winter Events

HAG - Harvard Away Game - Cambridge, MA: This event is for those individuals who wish to share in the spirit of RPI and hockey. Tickets are purchased in a grouped arrangement for the RPI away game versus Harvard University. Upcoming date: TBD

Spring Events

Summer Events

TIT - TEP Invitational Tournament - Location TBD: The TIT is a golf outing for both alumni and undergraduate members. Upcoming date: TBD

WWOLFPAC - Weekend Warriors on Laser Focused Projects to Absolute Completion - Troy, NY: Each year, an improvement or maintenance project is undertaken. The goal is to bring skilled alumni and hardworking brothers together to give back to the property and organization. Scope is carefully defined to ensure timely finish. Upcoming date: TBD

Autumn Events

TAW - TEP Alumni Weekend - Troy, NY: Scheduled in concordance with RPI's Reunion Weekend, TEP brothers from all over gather for a weekend of fraternal bonding and activities. Included in the weekend is an annual banquet and ceremony, on Saturday, to recognize the successes of individual members and the EIAA as a whole. Upcoming date: 10/12/2017 - 10/15/2017
Eventbrite page for 2017 Reunion Weekend

Monthly Events

TBC - TEP EIAA Beer Club - No location: Each month, a participating brother selects two preferred beer options for other members to sample. Participating members then have the option to provide discussion regarding the drinks on topics such as taste, memories with the drink, or casual banter. Upcoming date: Continuous event

TBDB - TEP Brothers Drinking Beer - Albany, NY: On the third Tuesday of each month, brothers meet at the World of Beer restaurant in Crossgates Mall for dinners, drinks, and to combine efforts and compete in trivia competitions as the Heaving Spleens. Upcoming date: 08/15/2017 at 7:00pm