EIAA Epsilon Iota Alumni Association


Executive Board

The EIAA has seven elected officers serving as members of the executive board: chancellor, executive vice chancellor, bursar, scribe, property master, and members-at-large (2). These officers are expected to perform, at a minimum, the duties below.

Chancellor - John Nadeau EI #335: The chancellor is responsible for the overall functioning of the association and chapter. He presides at all business meetings of the associations and should provide a written agenda for each meeting. He should ensure that members remain active in the association and that the association maintains an active meeting and event schedule. Finally, the President should file the EIAA annual report with the by March 15 of each year.

Vice Chancellor- Ian Sweeney EI #487: The executive vice chancellor serves in the absence of the chancellor. In addition, he should coordinate and direct the appointed officers of the association. Especially, the vice chancellor should work directly with the chairman of membership in the planning, coordination, and implementation of the association's annual membership drive.

Bursar- Mike Gigliotti EI #462: The bursar must coordinate the collection and disbursement of association revenue. The bursar should develop a yearly budget for the association and report on the financial status of the association at each business meeting. Finally, he must file the proper tax forms with the government as necessary.

Scribe- Gregory Braddock EI #481: The scribe should maintain a file of addresses and phone numbers for all area and chapter alumni. He should also maintain a current roster of all paid association members. In addition, the scribe should record and report the minutes of each business meeting. Finally, the scribe is responsible for sending notices, invoices, invitations, and other association correspondence to current members.

Property Master- Aren Paster EI #356: The property master is responsible for the physical property of the Epsilon Iota chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi: 1991 15th Street in Troy, NY. He should coordinate with the undergraduate brotherhood to ensure safe and responsible habitation. He will also oversee all maintenance and improvement projects. The property master will work directly with the EIAA to ensure takes, utilities, and other property-related bills are paid.

Members at Large- Nick Honahan EI #502 & Ricky Allard EI #506: The members at large are elected members of the board that serve in various positions as they become necessary. This often, but not always, equates to advising the work of an undergraduate committee or serving as an EIAA chairman.

Appointed Officers

The EIAA currently has two appointed positions. These officers, along with their committees, are responsible for specific programs outlined below. These positions are subject to change to fit the needs of the EIAA and the Epsilon Iota chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi.

Social Chair- Dave Cass, Jr. EI #488: The social chair should plan and coordinate the various events hosted by the EIAA. At a minimum, the social chair must work with the chancellors to develop the programming for the annual alumni weekend, scheduled in concordance with RPI's Reunion Weekend.

Membership Chair- Gregory Braddock EI #481: The membership chair maintains the EIAA database and member directory. This may include, but is not limited to: disseminating membership surveys, reviewing data analyses with the executive board, and assisting graduating brothers with the transition process from undergraduate to alumnus membership.