EIAA Epsilon Iota Alumni Association

Mission Statement


The EIAA exists to promote the brotherhood of Tau Epsilon Phi by providing an outlet for casual alumni interaction. Alumni associations allow the opportunity for Tau Epsilon Phi alumni to continue to benefit from the membership through fellowship, networking, social engagements, and a variety of other interactions.

The EIAA focuses on four broad areas of responsibility: advising undergraduate chapter operations; obtaining and maintaining adequate and safe housing; providing general coordination of alumni activities and communications; and upholding and honoring the three ideals of Tau Epsilon Phi.

Mission Statement

To continue to preserve and uphold the values learned and shared as active brothers of Tau Epsilon Phi. Through our support, celebration, and stewardship we will uphold our fraternity's three ideals: Friendship, Chivalry, and Service.

In Friendship: we make and maintain contact with other Tau Epsilon Phi alumni; we preserve and honor our legacy; and we celebrate the accomplishments of our brothers and fraternity.

In Chivalry: we provide social and professional contact for Tau Epsilon Phi alumni; we provide support for the fraternity and the Foundation, both financially and through active participation; we give vocational guidance and placement service assistance to alumni and graduating seniors; and we assist recent graduates and other alumni new to the area in their transition.

In Service: we provide an outlet for community service and civic involvement for Tau Epsilon Phi alumni.


Individual development of the highest educational, moral, intellectual, and social excellence.

The commitment to a lifelong brotherhood of firm and enduring friendships.

The opportunity for development of leadership skills that can be utilized in an undergraduate environment and throughout life.

The commitment to contribute to their educational environment, their community, and their country throughout their lives.