EIAA Epsilon Iota Alumni Association

About us

About Tau Epsilon Phi Epsilon Iota Alumni Association


As an active extension of a beloved brotherhood, the EIAA is an organization of individuals who have finished their career as students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and  to live under the ideals of Friendship, Chivalry, and Service. Founded in 1996, the EIAA provides members with social, professional, and philanthropic opportunities that will benefit members, the local chapters, and Tau Epsilon Phi as a whole. At its very core, the EIAA empowers individuals to live in the light of friendship, walk in the path of chivalry, and serve for the love of service.

Our Rich History

Since our founding in 1957, the Epsilon Iota chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi has initiated over five-hundred individuals. Many have gone on to develop successful careers in a wide variety of professional fields: Every discipline of engineering, finance, biology, physics, law, psychology, academia, business management, and more. These individuals – our brothers – are pioneers and leaders in innovation and progress, and it is both our duty and honor to recognize their accomplishments. From them, we may find inspiration. To them, we may give support.

Our Commitment to the Tau Epsilon Phi Brotherhood

As lifelong Tau Boys, we care for our own and serve as bridge builders for our undergraduate members and recent alumni. We provide guidance in the form of academic and fraternal advisement, assist individuals with internship and career placement, and even provide housing through the ownership of the chapter house on 15th street in Troy. For members that have advanced into their professional lives, we coordinate many opportunities to fraternize with old college friends and forge new bonds with younger generations. Regardless of one’s age, the Tau Epsilon Phi EIAA has something for everyone.