EIAA Epsilon Iota Alumni Association


Welcome to the web home of the Epsilon Iota Alumni Association (EIAA).  We are the Alumni Association for the Tau Epsilon Phi, Epsilon Iota Fraternity Chapter at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Use this site to pay dues, keep tabs on the Dream House project, post on our forum (New forum can be found here,  old forum is in the process of being dismantled but can be found here), and don't forget to check out the site features category. You can also stay informed using the home page, following us on twitter, or by sticking with a good old fashioned RSS feed.  We now have google +1 buttons for each page/post.  If you're interested in specific forum conversations, there are links at the bottom of each forum post. Don't forget to register on the site but before you register, you may want to read about openID.