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I'll re-print Milkman's 2008 post encouraging all you potential members to go ahead and register.  Now that we use OpenID, that should be even easier.  Now, without further ado, is the original post:
Hello, dear reader. I was talking with another alumnus this weekend (let's just call him Mr. L. Goodrich for now) and he mentioned that there is very little activity on this forum. I told him that if he were to register for the forum, he would be able to view the six forums, over 40 topics, and over 270 posts (as of this writing) that are not open to the public. This brought about an epiphany, and he swore to register at his earliest convenience. I thought I would relay this story here, in case other alumni that haven't registered also have the impression that this forum is devoid of conversation. I beseech them to take the time to register, and thereby reveal the hidden treasure within. As for our protagonist Mr. Lee G., I'll see you in the Lounge, slacker.
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  1. I agree, no need to mess with perfection. That post says it all.

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